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Modig has developed many CNC-machines and fixtures during the years. Presented below, some of the great events in the Modig’s timeline:

1947 – Bröderna Modigs Mekaniska Verkstad is founded, today named Modig Machine Tool, by the brothers Harry, Sture, Erik and Arne Modig.
1950 – Lathe BSM No 1. First self-produced lathe.
1965 – Ulla Modig takes over the management of the company when her husband Harry Modig dies in a heart attack. A woman in the front position is unusual at this time.
1965 – Lathe HF 190. Modig received an order for 165 lathe units from Sweden in 1962 amongst hard competition from the global industry leaders
1978 – 2nd generation of Modig, Percy Modig start running the company.
1987 – High-Speed Maching Center MD 7200. The first machining center for high-speed machining is introduced to the market.
1991 – ProfilelineModig develop the profileline which becomes the most popular extrusion machine in the aircraft industry
1999 – A new plant in Virserum is built.
2010 – HHV is developed in close cooperation with the world’s largest manufacturers.
2011 – 3rd generation of Modig, David Modig, takes over as President of the company.
2014 – Modig Machine Tool US Inc was founded
2015 – RigiMill is launched and gets a lot of attention around the world
2019 – Modig open the second plant in Sweden. The new facility in Kalmar is the new headquarters housing offices, workshop with assembling lines, R&D, machine demonstrations. Training and customer trials.
2019 – Modig open the new North American Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Designed for training events, machine demonstration and run time validations.