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Mega casting machining in the most efficient way

U19 – The right-sized machine for mega casting machining

The horizontal 5-axis machining center U19 with dual zones contains two rotary tables right-sized for large cast parts. The U19 has a single high-speed spindle capable of performing dry and moist cutting, which is a perfect match for machining large casting parts, including rear body structures, most efficiently. The high-speed spindle achieves a precise result with extraordinary speed. Dual zones allow for optimal loading and unloading times. The seamless process allows part loading to co-occur without interfering with the machining of the parts in the second zone. MODIG offers turnkey solutions for all aspects of the production line. The machine has been optimized for robotic automation to ensure quick loading…

Read our blog post to discover more about U19, a high-speed machine center right-sized for machining mega-casted parts, including rear body structures.

Efficiently mega casting machining