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6-axis. Single spindle.  Max part size: 240” x 28” x 40” (6,000 x 700 x 1,000 mm). Horizontal Moving Column machine.

Options: Spindle power and torque, 4- or 5-axis, tool magazine and tool holder.

Automation: Robot loading/unloading.

Materials: Cast iron, Aluminum, Titanium, Composite and Steel.

Industries: Aerospace, Extrusion, Automotive and more.

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Product Information

The P51 is a moving column machine with a tombstone table. The machining center is ideally adapted for medium or large parts production in aluminum. It is designed with a complete machine housing that includes a working area where parts can be clamped on tombstone tilting table, up to 240” (6,000 mm) long. The P51 architecture is meant for parts vertically loaded on tombstone table, with horizontal machining.

The large range of Modig standard automatic periphery devices allow the P51 to achieve high productivity with reduced setup time. Accuracy and adaptability make this machining platform well-suited for various market segments.

If machining shorter parts the P51 can be equipped with two different working zones. The tool changer is located between the zones to reduce tool changing time.

The P51 can be equipped with 5th or 6th axis configuration to give the highest versatility depending on required production type. The tombstone table can be indexing or CNC continuous axis.

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Moving column machine

Tombstone table

Spindle up to 200 hp (150 kW)

Accuracy and precision to support the tightest- tolerance work requirement

Multiple options makes the P51 well-suited for various industries

Horizontal configuration

Dual zone machining option

Technical Specification


X-axis 3,000 or 6,000 mm 100 or 240 in
Y-axis 1,500 mm 60 in
Z-axis up to 1,000 mm up to 40 in
A-axis +/- 110 degrees +/- 110 degrees
B-axis Continuous 360 degrees Continuous 360 degrees
C-axis +/- 360 degrees +/- 360 degrees

Max Part Cross Section

Length up to 6,000 mm up to 240 in
Depth 700 mm 28 in
Height 1,000 mm 40 in

Aluminum Spindle

Speed up to 30,000 rpm up to 30,000 rpm
Power S1 up to 150 kW up to 200 hp

Hard metal spindle

Speed 12,000 rpm 12,000 rpm
Torque S1 450 Nm 330 ft-lbs

Tool Changer

Number of tools up to 100 up to 100
Tool taper HSK 63-100A HSK 63-100A
Tool changing time 15 sec, chip to chip 15 sec, chip to chip

Feed rates

X-Y-Z-axes 0-60 m/min 0-2,400 in/min
A, B and C-axes 360 degrees/sec 360 degrees/sec


Size 700 x 700 mm 27.5 x 27.5 in


Acceleration 7 m/square second 23 ft/square second


Aluminum, composite, cast iron, steel, titanium