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Universal Machining Centers

Modig universal machining centers provide high productivity gains. Designed to meet the highest possible levels of speed, accuracy, and quality, our universal machine centers have a production rate comparable to 4-5 conventional machines, allowing manufacturers to produce more parts with fewer machines. It also provides substantial environmental benefits because one machine replacing four or five results in lower electricity consumption and reduced waste material.

With a guaranteed cycle time reduction of 40%, our universal machines provide the perfect solution for short-run of modified components or high-volume production. They can machine both Aluminum, Titanium, Composite, and Steel in one single operation or setting.

Our universal machining centers provide faster machining time and high precision while finishing parts in one setup. Another advantage is the small footprint. While many multitasking machines require a lot of floor space, our machines are designed to save valuable production space, maximizing productivity without expanding the production area.


5 advantages of our universal machining centers


Our universal machining centers can machine both aluminum and composite components in one single operation or setting.

High productivity gains

The machine’s high production rate and its high level of accuracy and precision result in increased productivity gains. For HHV, we guarantee a cycle time reduction of 40-70%.

Small footprint 

Our universal machining centers have a small footprint and save valuable production space.


Our universal machining centers are 40-70% faster than competing standard machines.

Customers who use our universal machines benefit from being able to process with the highest accuracy at high speed without compromising on quality.


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